Why buy exactly DCM-20

Here are a few reasons, why DCM-20 is the best solution you can buy:

  • Cost efficiency: the DCM-20 offers the best purchase price compared to other RI-sensors of the top performance segment
  • Most advanced in electronic development among the top performance RI-sensors. In addition to the two 4…20mA analog signal channels the DCM-20 automatically offers a digital MODBUS output.
  • Compact design: the small footprint of the DCM-20 permits use of 1.2″ clamp connections to the process which in turn means lower cost interface to smaller pipe diameters.
  • The efficient design also means lower cost compared to other high end sensors. E.g. just € 320.00 for electro polishing the surface versus € 630.00 on comparable instruments. Or € 45.00 for a 10m data cable versus 100.00 for the same length in other instruments. The “Single Piece” pipe adapter naturally is lower cost at 1.5″ dimension than a 2.5″ version.