DCM-20 RI-Sensor

Newly developed Refractive Index sensor DCM-20

The Refractive Index sensor DCM-20 is the most modern system for rapid determination of Brix values or their changes. The DCM-20 is directly integrated into the pipe line – various types and sizes of connections are available. All functions of the system are already integrated into tha unit. Data output can be chosen analog or digital.

The signal output or initiation of a wash cycle are done via M12 connectors, e.g. in form of two 4…20mA signals with adjustable range, thus delivering direct concentration values.

A further possibility in cases where slow coating of the production system builds up is the automatic wash function. In this case a programmable function will activate cleaning of the prism surface. Another possibilkity is activation of alarm signals in case that entered limits are crossed.