DCM-20 Calibration

DCM-20 optical InLine Brix-Monitorsensors are ready calibrated to deliver correct Refractive Index values (RIU = Refractive Index Units) based on NIST Tracable Methods using certified RI standards.

According to the ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) algorithms these RI-values in combination with the measured temperature are used to recalculate Brix-results. This means that the underlying Brix calibration is automatically temperature compensated.

The Configuration and the calibration parameters are stored in the user interface that can be accessed using a standard web browser and common data systems to be modified and output orv stored.

Entering the correct IP address of the sensor will directly yead to the main screen for the user, from wher the program can be accessed further:

DCM-20 main and operation screen

Calibration of the system is performed at three parameter levels.

  • The first level converts the pixel pattern of the detector chip into absolutely correct RI values of the measurement. This ensures that all DCM-20 sensors are interchangable and will yield correct values with existing calibrations.
  • The second level is the so called “Chemical Calibration”. With this stored parameter set using the RI-values and measured temperature the concentration of the analyte (in selctable units) is determined. For many common sample materials these parameters are readily availible from the factory.
  • Finally, results from the “chemical calibration” can be adapted using an offset correction to adapt results to existing laboratory result levels. Alternatively a “Field Calibration” can be preformed to calibrate the instrument for measurements of new products.
DCM-20 parameter screen