Process Control using the RI-Value

In many production processes concentration is the most important control value. Large industrial technologies therefore traditionally use OnLine or InLine concentration control methods to monitor Brix values.

When operating smaller production sites in many cases the use of concentration measurements for cost reasons very often are not performed. Nevertheless these controls would be important to increase efficiency. With the new DCM-20 an instrument line becomes available with improved cost/value relation, now making process monitoring more interesting than ever.

Process refractometers are sensors that directly measure the refractive index of pipe line streams or production vessel contents. Because of the immediate response to process changes they are ideal for production control. Their mode of operation through just the surface between instrument and media is an important advantage.

Mode of operation:

Influence of liquid density on internal reflection

Data are delivered through the 4 to 20mA current loop or through digital output (Modbus TCP) in Data sets containing temperature, RI-value and concentration in Brix.