GPC separation

GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatograpy, also named SEC Size Exclusion Chromatography) is a form of chromatography that separates strictly according to steric principles (hydrodynamic size). Therefore it is required that sample and column material show no physico-chemical interactions. Filling material an pore size are critical for the performance of the system and the quality of results.

To assure best and reliable results, AppliChrom not only offers a great selection of different columns, but also does test measurements and helps doing applications to meet your requirements.

MMAC – Meinhard Missbach GmbH. was founded in 1980. Part of the field of activity together with the name “LaborChemie GmbH.” was split off in 2016. The Cooperation with AppliChrom as representation for the area of Austria and the southern part of Germany was kept and intensified.